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Thread: Encapsulating a Popcorn Ceiling with Asbestos

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    Encapsulating a Popcorn Ceiling with Asbestos

    Thank you so much for your article on asbestos (from 2004, found online).

    We are renters in a home with a popcorn ceiling. We followed your instructions and got it tested, sure enough it has 3% asbestos in it. Your article has helped us to understand this risk and what to do about it. We are in the process of making a decision with our landlord what to do. We are ok to not remove it but to encapsulate it with either a drywall ceiling as you described, or paint.
    Our question is on the paint, we didn't understand fully some points on this option:

    • Does only a latex paint encapsulate it?
    • And if so, are you saying that this only works if it is not already painted over? (ours may be painted over already, we're not sure but its likely)

    • OR do you mean encapsulate with a non-asbestos acoustic ceiling?

    Thank you so much for clarifying!

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    Thanks for being fans of The short answer is that a good quality paint will encapsulate the popcorn ceiling. Now that I have said that and as a former remodeling contractor, I prefer to shellac the ceiling first, whether it is painted or not, and follow the shellac with a good quality paint. I recommend a white pigmented shellac or a shellac-based primer such as Zinsser's B-I-N Shellac-Based White Primer-Sealer. Spraying would be the preferred method of applying both the shellac and/or paint; however, foam paint roller covers with 1/2" or 3/4" slits also work great. Make sure the roller has lots of material on it when applying because a dry roller will knock off some of the popcorn ceiling and the shellac and/or paint will not evenly cover such a textured surface. ToolGuy...

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