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Concrete patio and treated privacy walls

QuestionI'm considering having a concrete patio poured—approximately 20'x20'. On two sides I would like to build a wall, approximately 2.5' high, using pressure-treated wood, tarpaper, and then wire mesh—to finally apply veneer stone, capped with limestone. How should I secure the wood framing to the top of the concrete?

AnswerUnless the walls can be tied in at the corner, I would not secure the wood framing to the surface of the patio. However, even with pressure-treated material tied in at the corner, I would still raise the wall so the bottom plate does not sit directly on the concrete patio. This will prevent the plate from contacting water. You can use Simpson's Post Base (EPB44T) for 2x4 wall construction or anchor plate bolts and Simpson's Standoff Post Base (AB/ABA/ABE/ABU) for 4x4, 4x6, or 6x6 wall construction. Both the EPB44T and AB Series are placed into the wet concrete or can be installed using epoxy. To learn more about the products mentioned, visit Simpson Strong-Tie's web site by clicking here.

Typical EPB44T Installed with Epoxy
Typical AB Installation
Typical EPB44T Installed with Epoxy
Image is courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie
Typical AB Installation
Image is courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie

If the walls are not tied together, then I recommend that the walls be placed in the ground as you would a concrete foundation, following the building codes in your area. However, between the cost of the materials and the drainage required to build treated foundations, it may be more economical just to pour concrete walls.

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Question answered by Leon A. Frechette.

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