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Eliminating floor squeaks

QuestionI'm looking for a type of nail with undercuts which can be used through carpet to join the floor and subfloor to stop squeaky floors in a 30-year-old home. Can you tell me where I can find such a product please?

AnswerThe nail you are looking for is called a ring-shank nail. It's designed with a barbed shaft—once in place, the nail is very difficult to remove, which makes it a good fastener for use with underlayment and subfloor. It's not the correct fastener to use after the fact, but you're in luck.

One annoyance in a home that can drive people crazy is a squeaky floor. You know the kind of noise I'm talking about. You can tell just by the squeeeek which kid is in the cookie jar or if your wife is trying to sneak up on you, as my wife does from time to time.

Of course, the new types of materials entering the market as well as new methods of construction now in use can minimize those problems on new homes. But what do you do in an existing home? Well, I've got just the products that could help relieve the situation, whether the ceiling below is finished or not. I have personally tested them and they install in minutes and do the job they were designed to do. Each is different but all accomplish the same thing: eliminate those persistent squeaks!

squeaky floors, squeaks, hardware for squeaky floors, eliminate floor squeaks, eliminate squeaks, mobile homes, squeakender, squeeeeek no more, floor squeak eliminatorSqueak-Relief is a floor repair system by Accuset Tool Co., Inc., that only takes a few minutes to install. One lick with a hammer drives the wedge (part of a specially engineered aluminum brace) between the subfloor and joist.

It is held in place temporarily with a pin and then two screws are permanently installed at the correct angle so they don't penetrate through the floor.

Squeak-Relief acts as a strengthening member to reinforce and sustain the connection between the two surfaces. This system provides a simple and very cost-effective solution to an annoying problem. Find it, pin it, screw it—and forget it! To learn more about this product, go to squeakyfloor.com.

Squeeeeek No More ToolSqueeeeek-No-More is an excellent product, especially when there is no access to the floor joists. This product can be used directly through carpeting. This is no joke! O'Berry Enterprises, Inc., designed a kit which contains a plastic molded alignment and depth control fixture, 50 specially scored 3-inch x 1/8-inch diameter screws, a customized driver bit to regulate the depth at which to drive the screw, and a joist-finding screw to help find the joist from above.

I have not tested this part of the kit, but basically the 4-inch screw has only four threads at the end of the screw. If, after installing the screw through the carpet, underlayment, and subfloor it hits dead space, the screw will spin, but can be backed out with the aid of a power screwgun and a pair of piers. If it hits something solid, like a floor joist, it will back out the same as any other faster. All you need is a power screwgun and the courage to put that first screw through the carpet.

Click the movie icon to see the video.I'll admit I was skeptical at first—but only because of past experiences. Always before when I put a screw through carpeting, the screw would grab the nap of the carpet and wrap itself up. It wasn't a pretty sight. So when I tested this unit, I went to an area inside a closet. Only when I felt comfortable with the product did I tackle a couple of squeaky areas in the hallway.

Squeeeeek No More works very well because the 3/16-inch coarse thread of the screw prevents the screw from being wrapped in carpet nap and also because the score on the neck of the screw allows 2 inches of the threaded screw to snap off 1/8" below the surface of the floor. This is accomplished when the screw gripper built into the alignment and depth control fixture is slid over the screwhead and rocked back and forth. It's amazing. Click here to read customers' feedback. To order Squeeeeek No More, click here or click the purchase button below!

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Squeakender instructionsSqueakender, also known as the Floor Squeak Eliminator, has an unusual but effective design. Its main purpose is to pull the subfloor securely to the joist. E & E Special Products developed this device in two parts. The first part includes the hanger bolt and is fastened to the underside of the subfloor against the joist with four provided screws. The second part is a bracket that slips over the joist and the hanger bolt. The only thing left to do is install the washer and tighten the nut with a wrench. Tighten until the squeaking stops, but be careful not to overtighten.

Click the movie icon to see the video.After testing the product, I have a couple of recommendations. The unit does not include a lock washer, so you may want to consider one. In addition, if you plan to finish the ceiling, it would be a good idea to notch the bottom of the joist so the joist bracket can be recessed. This will help maintain a smooth surface for the later application of wallboard. Squeakender positively helps to eliminate squeaky floors in existing homes, new construction, and in mobile homes. Click here to read customers' feedback. To order Squeakender, click here or click the purchase button below!

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The next time a nerve-wracking squeeeek annoys you, think about these squeak eliminators.

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Question answered by Leon A. Frechette.

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