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Too much stuff

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by Kimberly A. Frechette

As we get older, we notice that things start piling up around the house, the garage is so full of stuff that we are unable to park the car in it, the basement has become a catchall, and the attic, well, that's a horror story in itself.

It would be nice to live without all this extra baggage. So what do you do with all this stuff?

1) Load it into a pickup and haul it off to the dump?
2) Request a pick-up from a local charity?
3) Drop it off at the nearest charity box?
4) Try to sell it?

The easiest option, of course, would be to call a charity to pick it up. To sell it is the hardest and takes the most time; however, it could also be the most rewarding. After living 18 years in the same house and holding numerous yard sales over that time, I have learned a few things that I believe have made my yard sales a financial success.

The ideas detailed in this series of articles can help you hold a financially successful yard sale. Remember that it takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and family member involvement to make it all come together.

I hope you find the following ideas I've suggested in my article "Hold a Successful Yard Sale" as rewarding as I have over the years.

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