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Laugh and learn about tools and home improvement products—it's time for audience fun with Leon, The Tool Pro!

  Who wants to hear about Tools?


ToolTALK is not just for men—and ToolTIPS for Women is not just for women! People are genuinely interested in tools and eager to see the latest and greatest.

The ultimate "Tool Pro," Leon toured from 1997 to 2005 to standing-room-only crowds at home improvement shows from coast to coast. With over thirty six years of construction experience and seven books under his belt (tool belt, that is), he answered questions, tossed out professional secrets, offered cutting-edge safety tips, and shared great ideas with "do-it-yourselfers." His breezy 45-minute shows were entertaining, and he frequently surprised the audience by tossing hats or T-shirts into the crowd. Many lucky winners took home high-ticket tools!

ToolTALK focused on hand and power tools. Leon's goal was to give people the professional knowledge to pick the right tools and use them safely to correctly do the job. He offered up a smorgasbord of "cool tools" and home improvement products with a comical—yet highly practical—presentation.

ToolTIPS for Women targeted women who have the skills and patience to use tools correctly—and those who are too impatient to wait for a partner to finally get around to a project. Leon demonstrated how to shop for and select the correct (and comfortable) hand and power tools to stock a personal toolbox. His humorous presentation promoted safety while providing practical solutions to common home improvement dilemmas.
Leon ended each show with an interesting and entertaining 10-minute slide presentation to promote his latest book, Remodeling A Bathroom, published by The Taunton Press (2004). The audience could see firsthand what it really takes to remodel a bathroom from start to finish.

Pre-Show Publicity

  Public relations firms experienced in promoting Home & Garden Shows have had no problems booking Leon for radio or TV publicity. Ideally, the PR person had some tool knowledge, or spoke to Leon well in advance, to provide the confidence needed to effectively sell Leon to the media.


  A frequently asked question from audience members was "Are you selling the tools here?" Audience interest in purchasing tools provided an opportunity for sponsor involvement with ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women. In the Des Moines spring show ('98 & '99), a contractor's tool distributor sponsored Leon. Following his performance, Leon went from the theater stage to the sponsor's booth, autographing and selling his books, helping to sell the demonstrated products, and talking to people about tools and home improvement projects. Another time, the local electric utility company sponsored the show using a power tool as a giveaway.

Tool distributors or retailers were great sponsors, and Leon was always willing to work with producers and their sponsors to help secure the deal and to ensure it ran smoothly after the show opened. Leon currently offers specialized home improvement products and tools through his web site, www.YourHomeOurProducts.com, in the General Store for those who cannot find them in the normal distribution channels.


  "Leon Frechette's 'ToolTALK' is an entertaining and educational Home Improvement Show that's tailored to each and ever audience." --- David A. Macarus, Technical Director, Product Quality Assurance, Sears Roebuck and Company

"A fast-paced, thoroughly professional performance, strong interest from the ticket-buying public and wonderful media potential combine to make Leon Frechette's 'ToolTALK' one of the more outstanding programs at our home and garden shows." --- Don Engebretson, VP & General Manager, TSI Productions, Minnetonka, MN

"Leon's informative and entertaining 'ToolTALK' was a hit with men and women alike. His presentation on 'ToolTIPS for Women' was a huge success!" --- Sharon Woodard, Show Manager, dmg world media, Tulsa, OK

"Leon's knowledge and pure enjoyment of tools shows in everything he does, from his presentations to the public to the interviews with the media." --- Michael O'Loughlin, Show Manager, GMC Portland Home & Garden Show

"He's got some neat toys and he knows how to use them..." --- KCTV Kansas City, Brian Webb

"Leon Frechette knows just how much fun tools are to play with—he does it for a living. And does he enjoy it!" --- WHO-TV Des Moines, Rob Olson/Olson File

"...an excellent presentation of tools and things you should think about when buying tools and using them." --- Detroit Home Show

This Press Release was Offered to Show Producers

  Leon Frechette is back—with ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women! With over twenty years' experience in the construction and tool business, this Tool Pro is a must-see for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and professionals alike. Fast-paced fun is interspersed with the latest and greatest tools and demos that share time- and money-saving shortcuts. Watch him cut bread with his shark-tooth saw and tame a rockeater before your very eyes. Leon's shows are more than fun: they're informative and motivating. Bring your questions and problems to the Tool Pro for a level answer from a nuts-and-bolts guy. Stick around for the "freebies." You never know when he'll dish them out!

Leon is the author of seven books; his latest is Remodeling A Bathroom. He is also a consultant for many tool manufacturers, and you may recognize him from his many appearances on HGTV. Nail him down at www.asktooltalk.com.

Media Briefing

  With over 500 interviews under his tool belt, Leon is a natural for radio and phone call-ins so he was a sought-after TV guest. He brought props and tools for live-action demos with the host.

Typical Tool Pro interview questions:

  • If an individual could only afford one power tool, which would you recommend?
  • You built a garage at age 9? Really? Tell us about it.
  • Pre-cut assembled items are available everywhere—do you find you have to modify or customize them before assembly?
  • What is your favorite hand tool?
  • What is your best-safety tip?
  • What is the average battery running time on a cordless tool?
  • What's your take on 24-volt cordless tools?
  • Your latest book is Remodeling A Bathroom—what message do you have for the audience when it comes to remodeling a bathroom from start to finish? Are special tools required? What would you put in a homeowner's basic tool kit?
  • Do women have different hand and power tool needs?
  • What should I look for when shopping for tools for a women?
  • Do I really need more than one of anything?
  • Should I buy it or rent it?
  • Do I have to keep upgrading to the newest tools like I do with my computer?
  • What are the dumbest things people do with tools?
  • What tools should I keep in my car?
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  Leon A. Frechette demonstrated and shared information on tools and home improvement products and interacted with the audience. With all the tools in his arsenal, he offered a fresh approach to any performance. ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women both followed a format, but each performance was unique, depending on feedback and audience questions.

ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women easily adapted to create a variety of specialized shows including:

ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women—hand tool safety
ToolTALK and ToolTIPS for Women—finding the best tool for the job
ToolTALK—the evolution of power tools
ToolTALK—name that tool (guessing game—audience participation)
ToolTIPS for Women—talk about tools for women

or email him at crs@asktooltalk.com.

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