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Caring for acrylic block products

by Kathy Ziprik

Just like acrylic bathtubs, gentle care is required by homeowners to keep acrylic block windows, shower surrounds, and partitions clean and beautiful. Hy-Lite® Products, one of the leading manufacturers of acrylic block units, offers a variety of tips for cleaning acrylic block products.

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"It's easy to keep acrylic block windows and shower surrounds clean," says Jack Nugent, president of Hy-Lite. "The most important thing to remember is never use a harsh cleaner with abrasives, like SoftScrub® or Scrub Free® Soap Scum Remover, to clean acrylic block products."

"There are just a few guidelines homeowners should remember. Acrylic block units should be treated carefully; never scrubbed with brushes or cleaned with straight ammonia or bleach. When it comes to acrylic block products, gentle handling is the key."

According to Jack, there are several "do's and don'ts" that every homeowner should keep in mind to maintain the beauty of acrylic block products. The product recommendations suggested are based on testing done by Hy-Lite Products, Inc. These include:


  • Use mild soap and water to clean acrylic block products.
  • Use products approved for use on plastics, such as Fantastik®, Tilex®, Windex®, and Clorox Clean Up®.
  • Use furniture polish, such as Pledge®, for an extra sparkle and to make the acrylic block even easier to clean in the future.

Do not:

  • Use products containing gritty abrasives, such as Comet Bathroom or Lysol® Brand Basin Tub and Tile Cleaner®. Also, do not use Clean Shower® or Spot Shot®.
  • Scrub or use brushes on acrylic block products.
  • Clean acrylic block products while in the hot sun or at elevated temperatures.

"Using the wrong cleaner can cause damage to acrylic blocks that can occur within minutes or be delayed weeks or even months," says Jack. "Repeated use of the wrong cleaners will weaken the structural system of the shower surround or window and cause cracking to occur. The best bet for a homeowner is to always follow the cleaning recommendations made by the manufacturer and to err on the side of gentleness."

Although Hy-Lite blocks are resistant to abrasions, an occasional scratch can occur. Homeowners can remove light scratches easily by rubbing with a furniture polish like Pledge or Novus Plastic Polish #2 Cleaner. For more noticeable scratches, a standard acrylic polish, such as Novus Plastic Polish #3, is recommended.

"Whether a homeowner has a full shower surround constructed out of acrylic block or a small window, it's important that they maintain the product to maximize its attractiveness," says Jack. "Minimal care with the correct cleaners will provide a lifetime of beauty to an acrylic block product."

For more information on the full Hy-Lite product line, call 877-712-4013 or visit their web site at www.hy-lite.com.

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