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by Kimberly A. Frechette

As you consider a date for your yard sale, remember that June and July are good yard sale months. It's important to not have a sale on the same weekend as a major local or national event or holiday. Also, watch the weather forecast—don't plan your sale for days when rain is anticipated. Saturday and Sunday are good sale days, but if you only plan a one-day sale, then Saturday is the day to choose. If you have lots of items, run the sale both days.

One week prior to placing an ad in your local paper under "Yard Sales,"put your address in the "Cut Out" section for yard sales if the newspaper also offers this service. It is usually available for a small amount more. You may also want to make some sandwich-board signs to put on the street corner to direct customers to your sale.

A day before the sale get $125 to $150 in change for your cash box. Quarters and one dollar bills are mostly needed to make change.

Before the sale, take time to round up tables and racks to properly display your merchandise. Sawhorses topped with plywood, tables, picnic tables and benches, etc., will display your merchandise to best advantage. Adequate table space will make it convenient for you to organize your items and easy for your customers to view the merchandise. Empty boxes can be stored under the tables.

Never forget that everything is for sale and a good presentation can seal a deal. For any items that don't work that you'd like to sell, lower the price and make sure you specify exactly what is wrong with the item. A potential purchaser may want the item for parts or plan to fix it. Be honest with your customers.

e prepared to deliver larger items as it will help close a sale. Either deliver the item after you close for the day or deliver it after the entire sale has ended.

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