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Testing your faux finishing technique

by Tom Typrowicz

It is highly recommended that you invest a little time to develop the design you have chosen. You can easily do this on an illustration board available at your local art supply store for a few dollars. The advantages of testing your design are:

1. You will get a feel for using the tool you have chosen. Glaze applied to a smooth surface can be very slick and may cause your Decorative Roller to slide. If you find the roller sliding, lighten up on the amount of pressure you are applying to the roller. Use your testing time to learn what works best for you to achieve the design you want.

2. You will get an opportunity to actually view the colors you have chosen to see if you like the combination prior to doing the project. You can let the sample board dry and then hold it next to curtains, furniture, carpet, etc., to verify that you like the color combinations you have chosen.

3. You can experiment with a third and fourth color if you so desire. You may find you want to use an accent color that is present in your furniture, curtains, carpet, etc.

4. If you do not like a particular design and the glaze is still wet, you can simply wipe it off and start again.

Note: When you purchase illustration board, you may want to purchase a half dozen boards. You may end up with two or three designs that you really enjoy. Once again, invest about an hour of your time to learn and have fun.

We believe these faux finishing techniques will be helpful as you plan and create your own unique decorative finishes. As always, we recommend that you carefully read and follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer(s) of the products you select.

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