Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

Patching a popcorn ceiling

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Leon writes:

When patching a popcorn (acoustical) ceiling, use a piece of 6-mil plastic about 14" wide and long enough to completely encircle the area to be patched. Apply the plastic using push tacks to the edge of the existing ceiling around the area to be patched. This shield will help avoid buildup of material on the adjacent ceiling during application.

Use a spray-on product and apply a very thin coat. It is important to keep your distance from the work area. Once it is completely dry, apply a second coat.

Now remove the plastic and examine the patched area. You might have to apply a third coat; just make sure your spray doesn't overlap any existing ceiling texture.

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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