Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

Everwood treated wood

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We are pleased to present this information on Everwood treated wood, as shown and described by the manufacturer. Because we have not tested this product, we are unable to endorse it or provide you with any additional information.

Everwood treated wood is an environmentally friendly treated wood product.

A borate-based polymer is pressure impregnated into the wood and bonds with the wood to form an effective environmentally safe wood preservative. All Everwood treated wood has an identifiable PSI Label, which certifies an independent third party quality control program.

Everwood Treated WoodSince Everwood treated wood contains no pentachlorophenol, creosote, chrome, copper, arsenic, or other heavy metals, it can be used for interior applications where toxic wood preservatives cannot; for example, log homes, structural and foundation lumber, staircases, cabinets, furniture, moldings, etc.

It is clean and safe to handle and has no objectionable odor. It is not harmful to humans or animals and it can be handled by workmen without the need to observe any special precautions other than those associated with a good standard of industrial hygiene.

Everwood treated wood products will not corrode most metal fittings. Most coatings, paints and glues may be applied to treated products that have been properly and uniformly dried and have clean surfaces.

Environmentally safe, Everwood treated wood protects against most wood-destroying insects and fungal decay.

For more information about Everwood treated wood, please visit www.ibpna.com/ibp_everwood.html or contact International Building Products at 856-669-9513. (02/05/08 & 07/27/11)

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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