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CedarSafe Cedar planks

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CedarSafe cedar planks are a decorative, practical, and inexpensive closet lining to help keep clothing safe from moths, mildew, and silverfish. When completed, the closet has a "finished" look and smells like a conifer forest.

Cedar liner planks are roughly 4-foot lengths of 3-3/4 inch by 1/4-inch Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar wood and they are ideal for lining storage areas, CedarSafe Cedar Plankssuch as attics, chests, or closets. Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar has been proven in an Auburn University study to repel silverfish that eat cotton, linen, rayon and book bindings. The cedar also repels roaches and clothes moths. Clothes moth larvae feed on wool, leather, paper, cotton, linen, silk, and synthetic fibers. A closet lined with Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar will protect your important items from damaging pests while they're being stored.

When the wood is cut to make these planks, no scrap goes to waste. CedarSafe's Eastern Red Cedar logs are select cut by small crews in the Midwest and Eastern areas of the U.S. where they grow. Any log waste from the company's sawmill is recycled into mulch for landscaping. Other waste is used as fuel in the heaters that dry the chips used to manufacture CedarSafe cedar panels. Additional sawdust and moulding shavings from the sawmill are processed to extract cedar wood oil for the fragrance industry. Finally, any remaining wood residue is used as boiler fuel to generate the steam used to process this oil as well as for space heating in the winter.

Cedar mouldings are also available to trim the overall project for a great-looking finished project. CedarSafe Cedar planks are designed for both consumers and professionals and can be purchased at most major home improvement stores or lumberyards. They are sold as a Standard Consumer Pak (15 sq. ft.) and a Builders' Pro Pak (35 sq. ft. bulk boxed).

For more information, please visit www.cedarsafeclosets.com. To view installation videos, go to: installation videos. (06/19/08 & 07/30/11)

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CedarSafe Natural Cedar Closet Liner Cedar Planks

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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