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Brandguard fire prevention vents

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We are pleased to present this information on Brandguard's attic vents that can help prevent wild fire embers from entering a home, as shown and described by the manufacturer. Because we have not tested this product, we are unable to endorse it or provide you with any additional information.

Attic vent prevents wild fire embers from entering home!

As a firefighter responding to Southern California wildfires in 2003 and 2007, Brent Berkompas, founder of Brandguard Vents, noticed that fire embers were a significant cause of fire damage and attacked structures at their most vulnerable points: the vents.

Attic Vent Prevents Wild Fire Embers from Entering HomeWhile homes are destroyed by the passing fire front, the majority of structural damage is caused by fire embers before or after the front of the fire. Once embers enter through the vent's openings, the structure basically burns from the inside out. Conventional vent designs offer little to no defense.

California's State Fire Marshal and Blue Ribbon Committee agree and have addressed this with new California Fire Building Standards and Fire Hazard Severity Zone Mapping effective January 1, 2008. They require all exterior vents to be designed to resist fire ember intrusion.

Brandguard Vents' newly designed vent products prevent fire embers from entering the house. The baffle material acts as a heat sink, virtually eliminating the threat of fire embers entering through a structure's vent openings. The baffle design changes the flow of air several times, creating an effective heat trap, preventing damage from radiant and direct heat sources. The design has comparable net-free vent area and allows for sufficient exchange of moist air, thus preventing mold issues.

Made to code with 26-gauge galvanized steel, G90, Dormer, Round, Access, Soffit, and Gable End Vents are available. Custom Sizes are available upon request.

For more information, please visit www.brandguardvents.com. (04/30/08)

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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