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Thirsty Light Digital

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A device that takes the guesswork out of watering houseplants!

Tired of killing houseplants? Improper watering kills more houseplants than any other cause. Too much water blocks the oxygen supply and drowns the plant. If the soil doesn't dry sufficiently between watering, it can lead to root rot. Too little water damages the roots, causing them to eventually wither.

Thirsty Light DigitalTrident Design, LLC aims to take the guesswork out of watering with The Thirsty Light Digital™ which effectively communicates the plants' water needs without detracting from their beauty and without annoying chirps or buzzes.

Unobtrusive, Thirsty Light resembles a green lollipop. It continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second. A blinking LED light alerts when the plant needs water.

Easy to use and a great gift, Thirsty Light is priced at only $9.95. It works with most houseplants, its batteries are replaceable, and its LED light will last for the life of the product.

For more information about the digitial Thirsty Light, please visit: www.thirstylight.com (01/05/08 & 08/04/11).

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Thirsty Light Digital Moisture Monitor, 3 Pack

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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