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"Black" Heirloom tomatoes a favorite

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TomatoFest® Garden Seeds has announced that "black" tomatoes rank high in the "Top 10" list of favorite heirloom tomatoes going into 2008.

The "Top 10" favorite heirloom tomatoes are: Paul Robeson (purple/black), Cherokee Purple (purple/black), Brandywine (pink), Amana Orange (orange), Marvel Stripe (red/yellow striped), Julia Child (pink), Black purple/black-colored heirloom tomatoesZebra (green/purple striped), Black Cherry (purple/black), Kellogg's Breakfast (orange), and Aussie (red).

"The purple/black-colored heirloom tomatoes continue to rise in popularity at produce markets, with restaurant chefs, and with home gardeners," said Gary Ibsen, owner of TomatoFest® Garden Seeds, a large internet retailer of organic heirloom tomato seeds.

"Consumers have discovered the superior and complex flavors of the 'black' heirloom tomatoes," Ibsen adds, "I've also seen a jump in demand for the 'black' tomatoes in China, Spain, Japan and the UK."

"'Black' tomatoes are not really black," remarked Ibsen. "They cover a range of dark colors, including deep purple, dusky deep brown, smoky mahogany with dark green shoulders, and bluish-brown."

For additional information, visit www.tomatofest.com or call 831-625-6041. (05/08/08 & 08/02/11)

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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