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Motsenbocker's Lift Off (cleaners & removers)

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We are pleased to present this information on the original Lift Off (aerosol can) adhesives, grease, and oily stains remover as shown and described by the manufacturer. Because we have not tested this product or its service, we are unable to endorse it or provide you with any additional information.

They produce effective cleaners and removers that are safe for the environment, for any surface, and for people who use them. This new ultra-low VOC aerosol formula helps to protect the environment.

One Motsenbocker product that's a household name is the original Lift Off (aerosol can) adhesives, grease, and oily stains remover.

Lift OffMotsenbocker's mission is to create green products that really work!

Available in bulk, spray, and aerosol, it is effective for removing virtually all grease, oily stains, gum, and adhesive problems, including tape, stickers, pitch, sap, labels, bugs, tar, Crayon, pencil marks, lipstick, and much more. It is not as effective to remove candle wax.

If you have tried to remove a label, you know how much of a chore it can be. A strong feature of Lift Off is removing labels. It makes the job so much easier!

To learn about other user-friendly and environmentally safe products Motsenbocker offers, please go to www.liftoffinc.com. (05/24/08 & 09/03/11)

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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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