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Rejuvenate™ Floor - Restorer and Protectant

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Rejuvenate Floor - Restorer and Protectant by For Life Products is a revolutionary polymer-based floor finish that instantly restores shine to almost any floor in one easy application.

It fills and protects from scratches, eliminates dull spots, brings back shine, and seals and protects from stains.

Restore shine to your floors! It's great for almost Rejuvenate Floor and Furniture Restorer and Protectantany type of flooring, including hardwood, wood laminates, parquet, vinyl, linoleum, no-wax, fiberglass, ceramic tile, grout, terrazzo, concrete, sealed marble, slate, flagstone, and cork.

Rejuvenate also provides enhanced traction and is excellent for preventing pets from sliding across wood or laminate floors. It provides added safety for children and the elderly.

Just pour and mop. Rejuvenate Floor dries to a clear and luxurious finish in less than 45 minutes, and one application lasts up to 6 months. One 16 oz. bottle covers 325 sq. ft. (12 x 15 ft room) or one 32 oz. bottle covers 650 sq. ft. (one 20 x 30 ft. room or two 12 x 15 ft rooms) and is sold nationwide on QVC and at stores such as Home Depot, Target, and others.

For more information about Rejuvenate Floor - Restorer and Protectant, please visit www.rejuvenate.tv (02/04/08 & 09/05/11).

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Rejuvenate Floor Restorer & Protectant 16 Oz.
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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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