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Hot tub enclosure

QuestionDo you have any tips you could give me for building a year-round enclosure on a hot tub?

AnswerA year-round hot tub enclosure will provide privacy for users of your hot tub and make the tub more inviting in the dead of winter. Your most important consideration is to make sure the enclosure has adequate ventilation, both through the roof and high up on the walls through sliding windows. Most likely these windows, 6- to 8-inches high, will have to be custom built. You may even want to consider a paddle fan in the center of the room to move the air around the room.

Chapter 8, Overhead structures, of my book, Builder's Guide to Decks, covers how to build a hot tub enclosure and introduces kits that are on the market. You will need to alter some of these kits to create solid walls, windows, and ventilation for a permanent structure. As you plan, be sure to contact your local building department because a foundation will be required for a permanent structure. Additionally, permits may be required.

Finally, as you look at kits and plans, you may want to reconsider your plans for a year-round enclosure. An open solid-roof gazebo will work just fine and you get to see Mother Nature while enjoying the hot tub.

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Question answered by Leon A. Frechette.

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