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QuestionI'm about to launch a small rust repair business. I've been looking for the best chemical to do the job, i.e., stop rust/corrosion for the maximum time, for a few months now. I realize that this is nearly a "mission impossible," but I've heard about few options. Unfortunately, I've been unable to learn any details. May I have your opinion/advice? Do you think "CorrosionX," which led me to you, may be the answer? Can this product be applied directly to a surface just cleared off (by grinding etc), so that it would constitute a stable base coat before application of primer, paint, etc.? That is the particular application I plan to use this product for. If that wouldn't work is there some other product of the same quality but compatible with a variety of the topcoats? What other methods or chemicals would you suggest to assure the longest lasting protection? —Thank you; I look forward to hearing from you.

AnswerIt sounds like you are going into an unusual business. There are many products on the market that make claims, but it's my experience they just don't live up to it. CorrosionX is one product I have personally tested, and it really does work.

CorrosionX, by Corrosion Technologies Corporation, is an anti-corrosion, fluid thin-film coating well known for its corrosion control capabilities and extreme-pressure lubricating properties that operate effectively in high temperatures and under heavy loads. It is also an unbelievable penetrant to break loose rusted nuts, bolts, and fittings. I found this to be true when it comes to rusted nuts. Just apply it and leave on for about 30 minutes, claims the manufacturer (I've seen it take less time), and remove the rusted nut with very little effort. This product works well to remove rust from firearms, to protect surfaces of table saws and drill chucks, to clean copper, and for all marine applications. As a hunter, I use it on my firearms—it's unbelievable to see rust come off the barrel on a white rag when that rust is not visible to the naked eye! CorrosionX is not a sealant. It contains no wax, tar, PTFE or silicone and does not leave a sticky, gummy mess behind. It won't "flash off" or dry to a hard, rigid coating that can crack under stress. It remains flexible and provides long-term protection against moisture contamination or corrosion. Among its many applications, CorrosionX works well on bare or cleaned-off metal. If your customer wants the natural look of metal, then apply CorrosionX.

Use it for lubricating all pivots, lever pins, and moving parts of linkage areas and for single package gas and electric units, aluminum coils, electrical sockets, pins, and connectors. It can be sprayed directly into electric motors to displace moisture on the windings to prevent future corrosion buildup and to treat all switches, solenoids, harness pins, connectors, terminal blocks, sensors and relays. CorrosionX is perfect for rheostats, condensers, thermostats, control valve shafts, cylinders, and damper or economizer lubrication points. In a heavily-corrosive atmosphere, it should be applied to all structural members inside and out on an annual basis. For exterior use, depending on the exposure and the geographical area, you could plan to apply CorrosionX at least twice a year. A light coating is sufficient for normal usage and should provide a full year's protection (commercial and industrial applications may require service at shorter intervals).

Because of the product's hydrocarbon (mineral oil) base, it is not usable as a base coat. Yes, you could apply it and let it sit for about 4 days but then you would need a good degreaser or denatured alcohol to clean the surface before primer application. Professionally speaking, I would turn to Rust-Oleum for information on rust-preventive primers. This is their specialty. Check out their web site www.rust-oleum.com to learn more about their products.

Don't take just my word for it. Pick up a can of CorrosionX from my web site. Try the copper test for yourself. Get a copper wire coated with oxidation, spray it on, and wait about 30 minutes. See if you can wipe away the oxidation with your finger. I believe you will be amazed at the results—it will just put your mind into overdrive. I found it very useful on table saw tops—spray it on and—and use #0000 steel wool to remove the rust. Coin collectors should see this product as a lifesaver when comes to old coins, because it won't hurt the surface. If you find an old penny that's pure copper, try it out for yourself. Let me know after you have had a chance to test the product—I want your comments so I can post them up on the web. Thanks for getting in touch with me.

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Question answered by Leon A. Frechette.

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