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Replace the bathtub or refinish it

QuestionI'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and I'm having a hard time deciding whether to replace the bathtub or refinish it. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for my problem?

AnswerThere are many things to consider before removing a bathtub. In order to remove the existing tub, you'll have to open up the three walls surrounding it. If the room is small, then the toilet, sink, and cabinet may also have to be removed. So, if you were planning to install new tile or plumbing, this would provide a great opportunity. Keep in mind, however, that the new tubs differ in width from the old tubs, which means that before you can install a new tub, you need to remove the base moulding, floor covering, and underlayment. They, too, will need to be replaced. When you get right down to it, one thing leads to another when removing a bathtub.

If you choose to refinish your tub, then install your tile, the plumbing, wallpaper, and floor covering and do the painting (except for caulking around the tub) before installing the new tub finish. Don't make the mistake of finishing the tub first, because the new finish may easily be damaged during the remodeling project. Refinishing the tub should be done by a professional, so I recommend you consult your yellow pages under BATHTUBS & SINKS—REPAIRING & REFINISHING. Good luck!

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