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Try adhesive remover to peel up bathtub stickers

QuestionHow do you remove old no-slip, self-adhesive rubber sticky designs from the bottom of a tub and a shower enclosure? Thanks, I will appreciate hearing from you.

AnswerYou pose a challenge that I have not encountered; however, whether factory or consumer installed, these no-slip designs have one thing in common: adhesive. With that in mind, I suggest you try un-du adhesive remover, a non-abrasive liquid that won't damage or scratch the surface.

To remove your rubber designs, peel up one corner of the no-slip rubber stickers using the attached plastic applicator. Then squeeze a fair amount of un-du into the plastic applicator and let it run beneath it and on the surface of the adhesive. When it feels as if the corner can be lifted freely, move the applicator under it while squeezing un-du and lifting at the same time. Un-du works on contact so there's no reason to let it soak in, however, it may be necessary depending on how long the stickers have been there.

To remove any remaining residue, apply un-du to a white rag and wipe clean. There is no lingering odor or oily residue, but it does have a high odor at the time of use so open a window for ventilation. As a word of caution, be sure to plug the drain with a rag before using it so un-du doesn't run into the drain.

My editor Karen gave this a try and she tells me that removing the rubber stickers leaves behind perfectly clean spots on the floor of the bathtub.

"Ours have been in the tub for about 20 years so the tub under the stickers is like-new white while the rest of the tub has aged," she said. "It's not that my tub isn't clean; it just isn't new any more."

This product will bump your imagination into overdrive—there's an un-ending list of ways to use it. Whether it's tape on a photo or a bumper sticker on your car, un-du will remove it. Its environmentally friendly solution temporarily neutralizes adhesives and then quickly evaporates, allowing you to reuse stickers, tape, and labels again and again. I have tested this product and found it safe to use on almost every surface; and it doesn't stain. Even on surfaces as delicate as silk or tissue paper, its use is undetectable.

We stopped selling un-du when the manufacturer redesigned the cap. From an applicator standpoint, it's no longer user-friendly. However, the product itself works great! It can be hard to find, so I would look first at specialty stores, like craft shops. If you are unable to find un-du locally, you can try purchasing it online.

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Question answered by Leon A. Frechette.

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