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Recycling kitchen waste

QuestionIs there a good solution for holding kitchen scraps prior to transport to the compost pile? We currently house kitchen scraps indoors for a week before they are added to the compost pile. Currently we use old plastic one-gallon ice cream tubs that sit on the counter uncovered. Sometimes several of them sit on the porch railing (at least they are out of the house) until we walk out to the compost pile. We especially need a system for wintertime when we both leave and come home from work in the dark

AnswerA tidy solution to house your kitchen scraps would be a small compartmented unit that could hold up to three large containers with lids, perhaps something similar to the plastic containers that hold bulk pickles or mayonnaise. This would be easy to construct.

You could also make a carrying case for each independent container to make it easier to transport out to the compost pile. The entire unit should have a lid and sit on a shelf that is at a comfortable height. Also, it should be placed in an area that is out of the path of direct sunlight or heat, otherwise, this area will need some type of ventilation, such as an exterior wall exhaust fan, to remove any odors created by the heat.

recycle household waste, compost kitchen food scraps, composting kitchen food scraps, compost containers, composting containers, compost bins, composting bins, activated charcoal filters, recycle waste, recycling waste, composted kitchen wasteAnother solution would be to purchase compost containers off the web or country living type catalogues to make your life a little simpler. These containers can be used directly on the countertop because an activated charcoal filter in the lid eliminates the odor of food scraps.

Available in 6 quarts and 2 gallons, these containers are green and they cost under $15 for the small size and under $20 for the larger. A replacement filter 3-pack is $5.95. They also have a handle to make it easier to transport to the compost pile.

Another alternative would be to relocate your compost pile so it is closer to the house.  The CompostT-Twin by Mantis is one composting unit that looks good no matter where it's placed.  If you locate it near your back porch, it would be an easy matter to get kitchen waste out of your kitchen (and off the porch railing) in a timely fashion. It would free up counter space too. 

I invite you to read my review of this useful composting unit. If you decide to purchase one, Mantis will include the Compost Activator and Guide to Composting as free gifts.  

Now it's up to you to find a solution that is both user-friendly and affordable.

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