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Learn about different types of tape measures.

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QuestionWhat types of tape measures are available for purchase?

AnswerThere are two types of tape measures on the market: one has a blade marked in either English or metric measurements and the other has a blade that features both English and metric measurements. The information here refers to a tape measure using English measurements.

To better understand the increments on a tape measure blade, think of its markings (or small hash marks or increments) as similar to yardage lines on a football field.

types of tape measures, read a tape measure, tape measure increments, different types of tape measures, blades marked in English, blades marked in metric, blades marked in both English and metric, English measurements, increments on a tape measure blade, tape measure blade marks, EasyPoint ProTape, Learn How to Read and Choose a Tape Measure, copyright by Leon A. Frechette/C.R.S., Inc.Tape measure blade marks are given in fractions, inches, and feet. Within these markings are different height increments that run the full length of the upper and lower scale and which mirror each other as clearly shown to the right.

tape measure blade marked at 1/32-inch, copyright by Leon A. Frechette/C.R.S., Inc.Within this scale of increments, the markings at different heights—starting from the shortest to where they meet each other between the upper and lower scale—all refer to measurements.

Before you can understand how to read these increments, you have to know the type of blade you have. Tape measures are sold with blade increments of either one thirty-second of an inch (1/32") or one-sixteenth of an inch (1/16") as illustrated in the picture to the left.

Tape measures with 1/16" increments are used for general applications and construction and are the most common type of tape measure on the market. The bottom scale in the blade shown to the left features 1/16" increments.

Generally speaking, tape measures with 1/32" increments are mostly used in engineering where precise measurements are required. However, 1/32" can be found on some 1/16" increment tape measures on the bottom scale within the first foot.

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