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Brown Bag Company
ToolRider GSR (tool belt with suspenders)
Priced at $99
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette

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Brown Bag - ToolRider GSR nylon tool belt

Finally, a company has built a better mouse trap. The Brown Bag Company, who developed nylon tool belts in 1987, outdid themselves when they developed the ToolRider Gel Suspension Rig Ballistic Nylon Toolbelt. Finally there's a tool belt that’s adjustable, looks great, wears comfortably, and has lots of pouches and pockets that appear to be in the correct order for placement of items. The overall design makes it a real pleasure to set up the tool belt to suit your particular needs.

In all my years in construction, the tool belt was one item that I had to modify and customize for a comfortable and useful fit. Then, after all the tools and nails were placed in the tool belt, it became uncomfortable to wear because of its overall weight and how it hung around my waist.

The ToolRider GSR fit me like a glove right out of the box. There was no need to use its built-in adjustments, but it's nice to know they are there if I need to tweak the fit.

The waist belt is wide in the back for added support, and the detachable suspenders are drilex lined to allow for breathing and padded with lightweight gelfoam. Both are well designed and very comfortable, yet offer lots of adjustment possibilities. You can feel the instant comfort and support as soon as you are fastened into this tool belt system.

Built-in Velcro helps to keep the adjustable pouch in place. Clearly this was designed with the pro framer in mind as it provides the framer with flexibility for easy rearrangement.

While competitors market polyester tool belts, the Brown Bag Company uses Ballistic Nylon for added strength to withstand the punishment a tool belt receives on the jobsite. Its overall makeup is approximately 24 percent lighter than other products on the market. Weight is an important factor to consider, especially before loading it down with the added weight of tools and hardware.

ToolRider has 30 assorted pockets, including two for cell phones. There are even places to tuck in pencils without the fear of breakage and (most importantly) a spot for the speed square.

I have seen and tried a lot of tool belts over the years out on the jobsite, and the ToolRider GSR beats them all. Do I recommend it? You betcha, and your investment will be well worth it!

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