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Woods Industries
2737 (12/3 50 feet)
Yellow Jacket Lock-Jaw Cord
Suggested Retail $59.99
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
03/07/99 Updated 01/30/08

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Woods - Lock-Jaw extension cord

Are you frustrated when your power tools unplug from an extension cord? Do you tie the power tool cord around the extension cord to hold them together?

There is a better way: the Yellow Jacket Lock-Jaw Cord by Woods Industries. This extension cord's plug simply locks onto the power tool's cord. No matter what power cord you use, just plug it into the female end of the Lock-Jaw Cord and it locks.

The original locking plug was very easy to use. To connect the tool, you simply pulled back on the switch on the slim female plug, inserted the male plug, and slid the switch forward. To release the plug, it was a simple matter to pull back on the switch and pull out the male plug. (See image below left.)

Old Lock-JawWoods recently updated the Lock-Jaw Extension Cord. Its newly designed locking plug is a little fatter and features thumb and index finger indentions for a secure grip as the user's hand is wrapped around the female plug. (See image above right.) I found the redesigned plug a little uncomfortable to hang onto because the plug is short by 2 inches at the back end so my hand had nothing to hold onto during operation. If they had kept the same design and length of the old plug, it would be more user friendly.

What's nice about the update is how they replaced the slide locking switch with a knurled twist-lock ring close to the end of the plug. Again, simply insert the tool's male plug into the female locking plug and turn the locking ring to the right, or to the arrow marked "locked" printed on the plug. To unlock, turn to the left, or to the arrow marked "open."

I found the new design to be a little heavier constructed than the older model, but both locking plugs worked for me. However you look at it, Lock-Jaw was designed to eliminate the hassle and wasted time of accidental unplugged tools—and it definitely works!

The cord remains fairly flexible in cold weather (I have tested it to -20°F), about 40 percent more than regular vinyl power cords. The manufacturer claims it will remain flexible even at -58ºF (I'll take their word for it!). The bottom line: I like the cord's flexibility.

The Yellow Jacket Lock-Jaw Cord is available in 14/3 x 50 feet and 12/3 in both 50 and 100 feet. The Lock-Jaw is not in all distribution channels, so it may be hard locate, however, it is worth finding.

The price has increased by around $20 over the older version which is still on the market.

Anyone who uses tools at the end of an extension cord should seriously consider purchasing a Yellow Jacket extension cord with the Lock-Jaw locking plug. You'll never again have to worry about your tool coming unplugged.

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50' 12/3 Woods Locking Plug Extension Cord

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