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Woods Industries
Yellow Jacket 5-Outlet Adapter
Priced under $7
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
03/07/99 Updated 07/31/06

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Woods - 5-Outlet Adapter

Nothing is more frustrating than an extension cord with a single end and three power cords to plug into it. This gadget solves this problem; it simply gives you more outlets.

Wood Industries offers a safety yellow 5-Outlet Adapter under the Yellow Jacket brand name. It's an outdoor-rated electrical "in-line" device equipped with 5 outlets. The in-line design means it could connect two extension cords to make the end results longer and/or it could serve as an instant "outlet box" with five outlets.

The 5-Outlet Adapter comes with two cord locks to help secure two extension cords together so they don't pull out of the unit. The cord locks are very user friendly—simply loop the end of the cord, push it through a lock opening, swing down the cord lock, and pull the cord tight.

The unit is also available in dark green and distributed under the Yard Master brand name (available in the garden section) and the Season Bright brand name (during the holiday season). Both units blend into the landscaping for summer lighting or entertaining or around display lightings during the holidays.

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Woods #997362 15A 5 Outlet Adapter

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