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Carefree Tire
WA-16-86063-DCW (diamond  tread)
WA-16-86063-RCW (rib tread)

Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tire
Priced under $50
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette

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Carefree Tire, Flat free wheelbarrow tires

A wheelbarrow is a must-have tool that just doesn't get used every day. Unfortunately, when you do need it, it either has a flat tire or one that is very low! (This situation closely resembles the "Law of the Cordless Tool": A cordless tool will have a dead battery when you need it most.) Nothing is more discouraging when you need your wheelbarrow than to be sidetracked by the need to inflate the tire. It just seems to throw off your timing.

My wheelbarrow (right) is like an extension of my right arm. I've had this tool for about 25 years, as you can see by its worn appearance. Maybe it's time to get a new one but I just can't bring myself to do that—this one is just getting broken in! The only problem I ever encounter with it is low tire pressure caused from sitting too long without use. An interesting product was introduced to me that I believe you will want to have: a wheelbarrow tire by Carefree Tire. When this tire was sent to me for testing I couldn't wait to try it out; unfortunately, it was winter and had to wait until the snow melted.

Carefree Tire, Wheelbarrow tiresThis tire eliminates flats forever. How? It's not "foam filled" but instead is made of micro-cellular polyurethane through a proprietary process using a customized formula of Advanced Polymeric Urethane (APU) that makes the tire flat-proof without adding any significant weight to the tire. Each tire is constructed of hundreds of thousands of microscopic air cells trapped in a matrix of incredibly tough polymer elastomer. The result is a tire that is amazingly lightweight, very durable, and significantly easier to roll than ordinary hard rubber tires. The manufacturer tells me that the material used will last at least four to ten times longer than pneumatic tires.

I found the tire easy to change but I did need to clean all rust from the axle and add some penetrating corrosion-fighting lubricant to the axle. I also added a few more washers (easily found at your local home center) on either side of the tire's hub to make up the difference from the original tire. Other than that it was a breeze—about 30 minutes overall once I got the washers.

The tire is available with a diamond or rib tread and has a load capacity of 600 lb. It's 16" in diameter and uses two ball bearings for a 5/8" axle. It also comes with a grease fitting to keep the axle lubricated. The tire is a little on the expensive side at $49.95, but it's worth every penny if you consider what your time is worth. Just think—no air, no leaks, and absolutely no downtime from a flat tire ever again!

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