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T345XF & U345XF
T- & U-shank Universal Bimetal Blades
Priced under $16 for 5 pack
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
1997 Updated 02/14/07

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Bosch - Progressor jig saw blades

In 1997 Bosch Power Tools sent me their 50th Anniversary Edition Jigsaw featuring the 1587VS with a gold front gear housing and cover and black aluminum footplate. I tested the tool with their new Progressor blade, one of the finest blades I have ever tested.

The universal blade (T345XF), taken from the kit, cuts like a hot knife through butter and, even more amazing, the metal blade (T123X) cuts through 3/32-inch steel as easily as through paper—no joke!

Made of high-quality steel, the metal blade is also designed to keep the cutting edge away from the material being cut during the reverse stroke. This protects the teeth and extends blade life.

The "progressive" tooth pitch means that the teeth are larger at the blade tip, ensuring that all material thicknesses are cut with the optimum tooth geometry. After I put the jigsaw into full orbital, the blade just took off in high gear down a 2 x 4—I wish I'd had my helmet on. It's a slick looking blade—one you will have to try to believe!

Professionally speaking, I have tried most of the jig saw blades on the market and I find the Bosch blades to be one of the best blade collections on the market.

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