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Noxon Inc.
Two bit snapper nail sets
Priced under $12
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
1994 & 1998 Revised: 03/24/06

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Noxon - The two-bit snapper nail sets

Has this ever happened to you? Your project is finished—it looks great—and you have only to set the finish nails. Youíre doing a great job when the nailset accidentally slips off the head of the nail and punches an additional hole in the wood. Discouraging, isnít it?

I have found a tool that is a lot easier to use and eliminates both the nail setter and the hammer: the Two-Bit Snapper (Noxon Tools, Inc.). This amazing nailset allows you to concentrate on the job at hand. One hand holds the end that rides on top of the nail head and the other hand operates the snapper by pulling back on the plunger and releasing it.

The toolís "spring" in-line design concentrates a tremendous amount of energy behind its sudden snap and the nail is set with one motion. A second "snap" may be required depending on the hardness of the wood or how far you pulled the snapper back the first time. Noxon markets a variety of styles and models to suit many applications. I have found that Model 32R12-1 works especially well on all types of mouldings.

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