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O'Berry Enterprises
3233 (kit)
Squeeeeek No More
Priced at $28.50
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
06/24/06 Updated 04/05/08

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O'Berry Enterprises - Squeeeeek No More

Are you living with an annoying squeak that haunts you every time you walk across the floor?

While finishing my sixth book, Build Smarter with Alternative Materials, I discovered Squeeeeek No More by O'Berry Enterprises, Inc. This product eliminates squeaks, even under carpet. O'Berry's Squeak Elimination Kit (plastic molded alignment and depth control fixture, a square-headed driver bit, and 50 3-inch x 1/8-inch diameter special screws with 3/16-inch coarse threads) provides everything you need to eliminate annoying squeaks without damaging the carpet—all you need is a power screwgun or drill.

The special screws are coated with wax to simplify penetration, especially if no pilot hole has been drilled. Here's how it works:

  • First, isolate your squeak.
  • Then seat the screw in the squeaky area as far as the depth control fixture allows.
  • Finally, rock the fixture back and forth until the screw's 1-inch shank snaps off at the score, leaving 2 inches of the threaded portion of the screw below the surface of the floor. Once the head is snapped off, the threaded portion of the screw will be 1/8" below the wood surface.

The final result: a squeakless floor.

No matter how the floor squeaks, don't just walk away. Take aim and use the proper hardware and tools to solve the problem. Become a "squeak terminator."

To view hands-on instructions and to purchase Squeeeeek No More or O'Berry Enterprises's Counter Snap for hardwood floor squeaks, click here or the purchase button below!

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