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Wing Enterprises
Model 10410B
Little Jumbo Step Stool
Priced under $175
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette

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Little Jumbo - Step stool

Manufactured by Wing Enterprises, makers of the Little Giant Ladder, the Little Jumbo step stool—or safety stepladder—was definitely designed with safety in mind. When I first took it out of the box, it appeared to be a typical stepladder until I unfolded it. It's lot larger than it appears in the image.

The Little Jumbo seems to be designed like a normal stairway, that is, with 7" risers and 10" treads. However, it has 9" risers with 9" treads. The first time I stepped on the first riser, which seemed a little high, it felt as if I was walking up a flight of stairs. The built-in safety bar will keep you from stepping off the last step which (in my case) is 36" off the ground, and there's a handy plastic tool tray at the top of the safety bar.

My impression is that the Little Jumbo, especially this model, would be great for use in a warehouse, shop, garage, or for outside projects. The two smaller models would be great for use inside the home.

Little Jumbo foldedMade from rugged corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, this particular Little Jumbo model weighs 25 lb. and folds to 4.7" wide and 56" high for easy storage or transport.

This stepladder is very stable; each leg is capped with a slip-resistant foot for a safe, solid feel, and the four steps feature black slip-resistant treads for maximum stability. All three models have tip-n-pull wheels for mobility while in the open position.

I like that this unit feels sold and stable. Its 14" wide steps offer lots of comfortable room which makes it a pleasure to use during a construction project. I think it's a little pricey for a step stool—but this isn't a typical step stool. This is a utility safety stepladder and you'll appreciate its quality once you use it!

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