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Data-Comm Scissors
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Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
03/18/02 Updated 02/15/07

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Fiskars - Data-comm scissors

Running your own business certainly teaches one to do everything. In the area of electronics, I've had to teach myself how to build and maintain computers, for example, setting up a network for all the computers in my office. Of course, this means I had to acquire an all-new set of tools just for this specialized field. My wife even surprised me with an oak toolbox for them. One tool I already had was a good pair of utility scissors. Then out of the clear blue Fiskars sent me a pair of their Data-Comm Scissors.

Dy-nooooo-mite! These scissors are no more than 5 1/2" long but they are one hefty tool. I took a piece of data cable and cut clear through the jacket and the enclosed eight solid copper wires. I did this a few times and then cut a single sheet of paper with ease. Then I cut a plastic plant pot apart so I could replant the plant, and the scissors still cut paper with ease. It was just amazing!

These scissors have an unusual handle design that may surprise you at first because you may wonder how to use them. I have flat, stubby, short fingers so I found it easier to use my ring finger in the larger finger loop and no finger at all in the upper loop. Instead, I let the form-fitted loop nest in my palm naturally with my ring and index finger holding the tool in place. The middle finger does the action. I found it more comfortable to cut holding the scissors in a horizontal position.

The tapered tips of Data-Comm Scissors make it easy to cut in tight spaces and its serrated stainless steel blades securely grip the item for easy cutting. The upper blade features two stripping notches. By fitting the wire into one of the notches, placing your thumb over the wire, and holding it in place and pulling at the same time, you can easily strip the jacket off the wire. If you ever strip thin wire, then you know it can sometimes be difficult. This design simplifies wire stripping so it even works well on thin wire.

To keep your scissors working freely, use a drop of CorrosionX on the solid steel rivet when you feel it sticking. Also, cleaning them carefully after each use will help keep them cutting smoothly. Pull'R offers a Data-Comm Multi-Pouch specially designed to snugly store the scissors. The spring steel clip holder makes it easy to attach it to your belt or on a tool belt or apron. Check out my review on the pouch.

Every toolbox—including the "junk drawer" in the kitchen—should have a pair of these scissors.

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