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Briggs & Stratton
2200 Pressure Washer
Suggested Retail $269
Reviewed by Leon A. Frechette
12/10/05 Updated 03/12/07

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Briggs & Stratton - Pressure washer

A pressure washer is a tool I have frequently rented for use on my construction projects. For some reason, though, and as much as I have used pressure washers over the years, I never have considered purchasing one. When Briggs & Stratton contacted me about testing their version, I jumped at the chance, especially after overhauling our backyard. All the concrete/rock patios need cleaning each spring after our harsh winters, and a pressure washer is exactly the right tool for this ongoing maintenance.

The beauty of the 2200 pressure washer is its compact configuration. Not including the upright handle, the unit is 19" wide x 19" high x 25" deep (front to back of handle), and its 13 1/2" diameter wheels make it easily maneuverable over any terrain. The 4.5-horsepower 4-cycle gas motor delivers more than enough power, especially combined with the 2200 PSI coming from the 25-foot high-pressure hose.

It's important to remember that power washers can damage the surface being cleaned. To help the user select the appropriate combination of PSI and GPM for optimal cleaning performance, Briggs & Stratton engineered and developed ProjectPro's patent-pending technology.

For efficiency and to help take the guesswork out of using a presser washer, color-coordinated nozzles are designed for specific cleaning projects and are clearly marked on the accessory tray for quick reference. The nozzles include:

  • Yellow—a low-pressure, high-flow "delicate" nozzle for cars, trucks, soft wood, etc.
  • Orange—a medium-pressure, medium-flow "general" nozzle for home siding, driveways, and decks
  • Red—a high-pressure, low-flow "max" nozzle for tough stains or pressure washing at a distance
  • Black—a soap nozzle for applying cleaning detergents

Selecting the proper nozzle and pressure can help prevent surface damage, but damage can still occur depending on how close the nozzle is held to the surface.

To help educate the user, a 112-page step-by-step full-color project guide is included, a must for both consumers and professionals. It is well structured and covers a range of topics from getting to know the pressure washer to maintenance and storage. It should answer any questions the user might have.

To sweeten the deal, which makes the $269 suggested retail price a steal, Briggs & Stratton include a fifth nozzle, the "turbo." This is my favorite nozzle because it gets down to business for up to 40 percent faster cleaning.

You are not limited to the nozzles that come with the unit. Briggs & Stratton offers a line of accessories that includes miscellaneous attachments, nozzles and tips, multi-purpose brush kits, and even a water broom (see Updated 3/12/07 below). I will test a few of these attachments and add my findings to this review, so be sure to check back.

The unit's wand is constructed from stainless steel for corrosion-resistance and to extend the life of the wand. I found the spray gun's handle comfortable to use.

Since this review I tried the soap side of the unit. See Updated 3/12/07 below.

The power washer requires a little assembly, just the handle and the accessory tray, but this is the area that could use some improvement. The upper handle that slides over the handle supports below are held in place by two carriage bolts and plastic knobs. The handle supports are undersized so there is movement back and forth when you grab the upper handle. It doesn't matter how tight the carriage bolts are.

The 25-foot vinyl high-pressure hose is not user-friendly. I firmly believe the hose should be made from rubber, not vinyl. It comes coiled from the factory but even time in the hot sun cannot straighten it out.

The accessory tray has a large hook designed to hold the hose. Unfortunately, the hook points slightly downward so part of the hose slips off. Because the hook faces the engine, it's a little difficult to put the hose on the hook over the upper handle. The hook should point to the rear to make it more user-friendly.

The area on the accessory tray designed to store the turbo nozzle doesn't securely hold it in place. The nozzle easily falls to the ground under normal working conditions, leaving the nozzle vulnerable to damage during the fall.

These areas definitely need the manufacturer's attention; hopefully they are aware of these problem areas and are already working to correct them. I'll keep you posted.

In spite of some faults, overall this is a sweet unit, and one I recommend. When you discover for yourself that a pressure washer is a pleasure to use, your mind will go into overdrive coming up with projects. Best of all, the unit does a great job of cleaning up without hard labor by hand.

A pressure washer such as the Briggs & Stratton 2200 will simplify difficult projects, and you'll actually enjoy doing chores when spring rolls around.

Briggs & Stratton - Pressure washerUpdated 3/12/07: The Briggs & Stratton Water Broom (6059) is one accessory you want to add to your collection. I have roughly 625 square feet of patio surface that needs cleaning each spring. It was a pure joy to use this water broom to clean the patio's surface. I was amazed at the pressure and the 14-inch wide spray pattern created by the three jets in the head. The 3700 PSI delivered consistent cleaning for decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and garage floors.

I especially liked the unit's wheels, which allowed easy control for effortless sweeping. However, the 14.5-inch spray wand was a little short for me. Once attached to the head (including wheel height) and handle, the overall length was 32 inches to the handle's trigger. At 5' 5" tall, I would have preferred a longer wand; I'm sure taller individuals would also prefer a longer wand.

Other than wand length, this is an effective accessory for a suggested retail price of only $48.95. To aid the Water Broom, I used their Multi Purpose Cleaner (6064) to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime from the harsh winters. A gallon costs $6.88. After connecting the Water Broom to the siphon hose, I was up and running. To clean the square footage described above, I only used a third of a gallon of cleaner—that was impressive. You can't go wrong adding these accessories to your Briggs & Stratton pressure washer.

Click here to learn what the folks at Briggs & Stratton have to say about winterizing your pressure washer.

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Briggs & Stratton 2,550 PSI Gas-Powered-Powered Pressure Washer #20250

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