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Hiring a Remodeling Contractor
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by Leon A. Frechette

By now you should have three estimates and/or itemized bid in hand. It is soon time to make the commitment to hire a contractor.

How do you reach a conclusive decision? Begin by considering everything you've learned about each contractor so far. You knew what you wanted to accomplish with this remodeling job and you had a budget in mind, so consider:

1. Did the contractors arrive on time for their appointments?

2. What were your first impressions?

3. Did they reflect your expectations and were they courteous?

4. Did the contractors represent their companies in a professional manner?

5. Did the contractors accept your input and were you able to relate to each of them?

6. Did you receive estimates or itemized bids from each contractor?

After considering these questions, you have reached the final stage in the process: references. Ask each contractor for three references, one that will be similar to your project and two others. Then call these references for they were once in the same situation and they understand how you feel. Ask to visit their homes so you can see the styles and quality of each contractor's work. Ask the references the following questions:

1. Did the contractor start and finish the project as stated in the contract?

2. Was the contractor organized and was the area around the project kept clean?

3. Was the contractor well mannered and professional at all times while on and off the project site?

4. Was this the first project the contractor had done for them? If not, what were the other projects the contractor did?

The last question will reinforce for you their confidence in the contractor and his work.

Do not let price be your deciding factor. A good rule of thumb is to never choose the lowest bid. You could run into difficulties if the contractor has underestimated the job.

Now, keeping all this in mind and evaluating the bids, you should be comfortable enough to make your decision and hire your remodeling contractor. After you've selected a contractor, take the courtesy to call the other contractors and let them know that they did not get the job. They will appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness in this matter.

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