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Hiring a Remodeling Contractor
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by Leon A. Frechette

You should always record all transactions as indicated below. I have broken them down into four main subjects:

1. Phone Numbers. Record the names and numbers of the three contractors you will call. Also list all calls made in reference to your project.

2. Job Progress Report. Keep a personal log of dates, job progress, inspection dates, payment amounts, and any changes that concern your contract.

3. Warranty Work Required. Write down all warranty work that has been done during your warranty period. The warranty period is usually 12 months. It's important that you write down the date the problem/defect was corrected.

4. Notes. Jot down any thoughts and/or concerns you might have about your remodeling project that you would like to take up with your contractor.

If your contractor doesn't have business forms that you are comfortable with, then I recommend that you check out the series of legal business forms that I developed to help consumers and contractors through the bidding and contractual process.

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I have developed a series of legal business forms to help consumers and contractors through the bidding and contractual process. The Contractors Helping Hands Packet includes Itemized Bid Sheets along with a Contract/Agreement Sheet and an Extra Work and/or Change Order Sheet. To order your set of forms, click on purchase button to the left!

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