Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

Get the facts on baking a potato—and then some!
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Purchase Spud Spikes potato nails
Spud Spikes potato nails

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Purchase Spud Spikes potato nails
Spud Spikes potato nails, are food-grade stainless steel nails inserted into potatoes before baking will transfer your oven's heat to the center thus allowing the potatoes to cook outward. This decreases overall baking tim and saves you money. No kitchen should be without them—order your set of four today!

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Order Spud Spikes Potato Nails today!

If you want to achieve a crispy edible skin, follow the steps above, including the insertion of Spud Spikes, but this time rub or spray the potato skin with butter or olive oil. Next, sprinkle the oiled potatoes with our Spud Spikes Potato Seasoning. Place the potatoes onto a sheet pan with a broiler rack covered with a sheet of parchment paper. Place the pan on the middle rack and turn them at the halfway point during the baking cycle.

I recommend, if at all possible, that you replace your sheet pan with a ribbed grilling stone or place a broiler rack on the sheet pan. Make sure the grilling stone ribs point upward to raise the potatoes so heat and air will circulate underneath them. It also helps to eliminate hot spots. Yes, the potatoes will need to be turned while they bake on a grilling stone.

I've also found that if I turn the potatoes more often and baste them along with additional Spud Spikes Potato Seasoning, the skins become very flavorful, making it simply enjoyable to eat the entire potato. If you want to turn the potatoes more often, whether you are baking them in the oven or on the BBQ, you'll want to work quickly because every time you open the oven door or remove the BBQ lid, you will lose heat. The lost heat will only increase your overall baking time. I personally prefer to use the BBQ when I want to turn and baste the potatoes more often. It appears to me that the heat recovers faster in a smaller BBQ.

Potatoes in oven with Spud SpikesTo achieve extra crispy skins, use an oven mitt to remove the sheet pan with potatoes from the oven about 10 minutes before completion. At this point turn off the oven and turn on the broiler, setting it to the same temperature at which the oven was previously set. Now apply more butter or olive oil over the skins and sprinkle the potatoes again with our Spud Spikes Potato Seasoning. Using stainless steel kitchen tongs, turn the potatoes over and do the same to the other side. Place the pan back into the oven. Don't forget to turn the potatoes a few times, and watch them closely so the skin doesn't burn under the boiler.

When you think the potatoes are done, check to see if you can remove the Spud Spikes without resistance by using an oven mitt and/or kitchen tongs. If they come out too fast, it's possible the potatoes are overdone. Removing Spud Spikes with tongs and oven mittWith time and practice, you'll learn how many potatoes you can cook, their sizes, and how long it will take. You'll also know what baking method works best for you (i.e., conventional or convection oven or BBQ) and whether you prefer crispy or soft skin.

If you feel the potatoes are not quite done and the oven has been turned off, remember that the Spud Spikes will continue to conduct heat and the oven is still hot so the potatoes will continue to cook. There's no need to fire up the oven again. Just let them sit in the oven for about 5+ minutes; they will get done.

Depending on the variety of potato you bake, you may get a "starchy nail," i.e., some of the potato's flesh will cling to the nail's surface when you remove the Spud Spike. I find that if I soak the Spud Spikes (head down) in a glass of water while we enjoy our dinner, they will be easy to clean.

Personally, after I've cut the potato lengthwise, i.e., in the same direction the Spud Spike was inserted, I don't notice a weird hole in the potato after I remove the Spud Spike. If you are bothered by the hole, just remind yourself: the Spud Spike that created the hole has produced a completely cooked potato in less cooking time—and it's delicious! I have never seen any unattractive and unappetizing dark marks in the potato's flesh from Spud Spikes.

Other uses for Spud Spikes:

Sausages with Spud Spikes on the BBQI also use Spud Spikes and Spud Spikes Potato Seasoning for grilling brats or sausages on the BBQ. The grilling time is reduced by 50 percent, and after the nail is removed, the brat or sausage remains straight, a bonus if you plan to eat it in a bun. I've also noticed that because the brat or sausage cooks so fast, the casing doesn't spend enough time on the grill to acquire grill marks. When the brat or sausage is close to being done, I turn the heat up a bit to brown the casing with the customary grill marks (lengthwise or perpendicular).

While everyone has a favorite method and technique, this is my take on baking a perfect potato and grilling brats or sausages. Food-grade stainless steel potato nails do exist and work great!

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Purchase Spud Spikes potato nails Spud Spikes® potato nails are food-grade 100% stainless steel nails. When inserted into potatoes before baking, they help transfer oven heat to the potatoes' centers, allowing them to cook outward. This decreases overall baking time and saves you money. No kitchen should be without them—order your set of eight today!


This goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: protect your fingers, hands, and arms when working in and around an oven or BBQ, especially when removing a hot potato and/or hot Spud Spikes® potato nails. Use oven mitts or kitchen tongs when handling hot potatoes and/or hot Spud Spikes. Spud Spikes are sharp-pointed food utensils that requires care when handling, inserting, or if accidentally dropped. Never handle by the point, never have your hand in front of the point when inserting, and never attempt to catch the spike if it should fall. Spud Spikes are not designed for microwave use.


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Spud Spikes for baking, grilling, and barbequing.

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